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The death of common courtesy? Why responding to all communications is a must.
By Michael A. Pflughoeft, APR

September 3, 2010

Every day, 1.2 billion e-mails race around the Internet. If you consider spam, then you can increase that number by 75 percent. That’s about two million e-mails per second. And Twitter claims that users now send more than 50 million tweets per day. This means that every second, 600 tweets fly across Twitter’s network.

The average user spends more than 55 minutes per day on Facebook. Add instant messaging, voice mail, text messages and you get the picture. Today’s PR professionals are inundated with record numbers of messages.

But in this day of instant communication — where technology can enable communication at any point in time — it appears that many PR practitioners (and others) have lost a level of professional courtesy regarding timely responses to professional e-mail and voice messages.
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